Guidelines for Reiki Healing


Guidelines for Reiki Healing, Reiki Healing Guidelines

These guidelines for Reiki healing serve the healer and the client both. As a Reiki healer it is important to use many jewels for self discovery in order to be an effective channel of healing energy.

You can use these guidelines for Reiki healing to assist you no matter what modality you use to serve your clients, friends and family. They are also helpful to you as you journey on your spiritual path.

The following are simple guidelines for Reiki healing:


Guidelines for Reiki Healing, Reiki Healing Guidelines

Grounding in the earth is a good place to begin. We are spirit beings in a body living on planet earth. Our challenge is to balance our divinity with our humanity or heaven with earth. We do this by first grounding our feet firmly in the earth especially before meditation.

Sit comfortably with your feet planted on the floor. Energy follows awareness so that what you focus on expands. Visualize the roots of the tree extending out from the soles of your feet going deep into Mother Earth. Anchor the roots into the center of the earth so that you are fully planted or grounding in the earth as you breathe and relax. Release all your limiting beliefs, worries, fears and pain down your legs, your feet, through the roots and into Mother Earth.

After releasing the old energy then receive up through the roots and the soles of your feet loving, nurturing Mother Earth energy. Let it flow throughout your entire body. Feel the balance in your body as you are grounding in the earth.

Guidelines for Reiki Healing, Reiki Healing Guidelines

Intention is powerful for the healer and the one receiving healing. The intention to heal focuses the energy so that the purpose to heal is accomplished like a straight arrow that hits the designated target.

Many years ago I had an unusually large group of students learning Reiki I. Before the class began I called my Reiki Master teacher asking her for a few words of wisdom. “Intention, it’s all about the intention not about the technique.” That was just what I needed to be reminded of. Those words helped me to stay focused on the truth about healing. So simple yet so profound.

Through simplicity of purpose there is no room for the monkey mind or the ego to distract us. Intention keeps us on track so that the universal life force energy can simply do what it does best. It brings us back to who we are and our true nature, wholeness.

Being in the Moment

Guidelines for Reiki Healing, Reiki Healing Guidelines

Being in the moment is about being present in the here and now. It is the easiest and the hardest thing to do. Once you practice it you just need to stay there moment to moment.  The hardest thing is to get there when your mind dwells on the past or the future.

Stand at the doorway of your mind with awareness and catch yourself when you think of the past or future. Consistently bring your focus back to present time, being in the moment again and again.

Being in the moment is where the universal life force energy is channeled, where guidance from the Divine is received and where we experience peace. The only place to be in order to give or receive healing is in the present.

Guidelines for Reiki Healing, Reiki Healing Guidelines

Trust your Intuition

Trust your intuition for we are always guided to what is best for us and others in the moment. Spirit speaks through the still small voice within. In order to hear the guidance we need to quiet the mind.

In a healing session trust your intuition as to what the client, friend or family member needs. There is no need to figure anything out using your rational mind. The answers will come to you when you get quiet and ask and listen.

When receiving healing just be in the quiet and stillness itself while you breathe, relax and let go. The more you trust your intuition the more you develop it naturally so that you can use it in all areas of your life and to help others.

Guidelines for Reiki Healing, Reiki Healing Guidelines


Compassion is an important ingredient in healing. It is like a soothing balm that connects the giver and the receiver in the heart chakra.

With compassion you join another in love and understanding. You lead with your heart, not with your head.

In a healing session the client feels the practitioner’s compassion and it assists them in receiving the energy. There is no judgement, only an open space for healing to be facilitated.

Compassion honors the humanity and the fragility of the human condition as it elevates the spirit and wholeness of the being receiving healing.

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