Reiki Healing Case Study – Expressing One’s Truth

Reiki Healing Case Study - Expressing One's Truth, Reiki Healing Supports Living Our Truth

This is the first of several articles on Reiki Healing to demonstrate how effective Reiki is as an ancient Japanese hands on healing tool for a variety of dis-eases.

These Reiki Healing case studies come from my own experiences as a Reiki Master healer and as an Intuitive Reader.

I combine the two modalities of Reiki Healing and Intuitive Guidance in my sessions with clients so that we can get to the underlining issue causing the imbalance.

The Reiki Healing Case Study – Expressing One’s Truth that I will discuss in this article involves a man in his forties who came to me for a Reiki Healing session.

Reiki Healing & Intuitive Guidance

Reiki Healing Case Study - Expressing One's Truth, Reiki Healing Supports Living Our Truth

My client had symptoms resembling mononucleosis. The doctors were not exactly sure what his problem was, he told me. This was frustrating for him and he simply wanted healing as soon as possible.

I proceeded with the Reiki Healing and didn’t focus on the symptoms of mono. While I worked on him I tuned in to my intuitive guidance to further assist him in his process back to wholeness.

The intuitive guidance that I received showed me that his throat was sore.  When my hands came to the throat position, I asked him if I could place my hands directly on his throat to more effectively help him heal.

He agreed, and the intuitive guidance that I received was to keep my hands on his throat for more than ten minutes, which is much longer than usual. I explained this to him and he confirmed that his throat  was really sore.

Reiki Healing Case Study - Expressing One's Truth, Reiki Healing Supports Living Our Truth

Expressing One’s Truth

Then I explained to him that the throat chakra is the energy center for expressing one’s truth. There it was –  the crux of the matter!

Describing a life issue he was struggling with, he shared that he was learning healing techniques and was guided to continue on his new path as a healer.  His wife was threatened by this choice as it went against her religious beliefs.

Expressing one’s truth was his issue. His throat chakra was blocked as he was at a crossroads. If he followed his intuition to be a healer it could mean the end of his marriage.  If he did not become a healer could he live with himself?

Reiki Healing Case Study - Expressing One's Truth, Reiki Healing Supports Living Our TruthWe talked at length about his challenge and how his body was giving him clues about how to heal himself and unblock his energy. Reiki Healing helped my client heal his sore throat. It also helped to reveal the underlying issue that created his dis-ease. The intention to bring about balance and healing in his life was a powerful force that directed his path.

I have spoken with him several times since that session. After careful consideration he has decided to leave his wife so that they may each be free to follow their own highest truth. Reiki healing supported his difficult process of expressing one’s truth.

He is a loving, happy person who has dedicated himself to helping others to heal. Reiki healing supported his journey and transformation. He is now expressing his own truth in his life by being the healer that he is.

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Intuition is unlimited as God is unlimited so it doesn’t matter whether you are in the same room with me or in Hong Kong! My intention is the same – to serve as a channel of clarity and healing to assist you in all areas of your life. Doing this work makes me truly happy and I blessed to be able to help people and do what I love.

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