Finding our Place of Peace Inside

Finding our Place of Peace Inside It is easy to have hope when our life is humming along nicely. The challenge is to have hope even when our heart is crushed and the rug has been pulled out from under us in an instant. It is hard to have hope when there are natural disasters […]

Keeping HOPE Alive

When I think about all of our brothers and sisters around the world affected by earth quakes, wild fires, hurricanes, floods and famine I think about the challenge of keeping hope alive. Keeping hope alive means being present to the moment and continuing to move forward no matter what. It helps to use our spiritual practices […]

Our Inner lamp

Our Inner Lamp Each time we meditate we add a drop of oil to our inner lamp.  One drop alone is hardly noticeable. Consistently meditating over time enriches our life as it fills our lamp to brim with oil. Our thoughts no longer control us. Instead we develop a relationship with the master within, our higher power. […]

Maureen back in Seattle – New Beginnings Again

Maureen back in Seattle – New beginnings again. It is wonderful to be back in the Seattle area after being in New York for 4 months with family. As most of you may know my beloved bother Kenny passed suddenly at the end of April in New York. I stayed in New York after his funeral […]

Practice the Practices Classes

Practice the Practices Classes with Maureen (formerly called “Into the Mystic Classes”) is available for this Fall. The 10 week series is focused on the basic spiritual practices that support you on your path. The classes are a powerful way to get begin spiritual practice or to get back on track daily. We begin each class with […]


Keep it simple. This has been my favorite slogan for most of my adult life. Life on planet Earth is complicated, messy, wonderful, depressing, exciting, challenging, expansive and more… We are encouraged to live in  the moment yet we do not know what lies around the next corner. When we keep it simple we are […]

Maureen – Living Bi-Coastal

  Maureen – Living bi-coastal. I have been doing this for quite some time, traveling from upstate New York to Seattle. In order to do so it is important to flow with what is happening in the moment. Whatever I am attached to only gets in my way and hinders the flow. The key is […]

Maureen is in NY and available for Sessions

Maureen is in NY and available for Sessions. My beloved brother Ken suddenly passed a few weeks ago in NY. I have been here in NY with my family since then. Gratefully I am supported in surrendering to the grieving process and moving forward in doing the spiritual work. Honestly there is a part of me […]


MEDITATION is a powerful spiritual tool. It is the first step to the conscious awareness of our Divine self. That is why it is the most important practice in our series of spiritual practices. These classes are a part of Maureen and Her Magic Mystic Tour. When we practice meditation we focus the mind on the breath. As a result […]

Lumina Dei Newsletter Jan. 2016

Lumina Dei Newsletter Jan. 2016 HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016 Wishing you a year filled with love, peace, abundance, creativity, fun and much growth and expansion!!! This is my year to focus on loving self more. No more resolutions that begin on Jan. 1 leaving me frustrated before the end of January. Instead I am focused […]