1. Healing Trip to Ireland

Dublin CastleThis is Part 1 of a 3 part story of my recent

Healing Trip to Ireland.

My mom was born in Cloonlavish, Knock, Mayo Ireland. My dad’s parents were both born in Westmeath. My last trip home to Ireland was 19 years ago. With gratitude, my husband and I just spent 2 weeks on a healing trip to Ireland visiting my first cousins and seeing the beautiful sites of this gloriously green island of my roots.

Healing Trip to Ireland

Our healing trip to Ireland started in Dublin when we landed at Dublin Airport. My cousin Noreen and her husband Gerry picked us up very early in the morning at the airport. They hosted us for 3 wonderful days at their beautiful home close to downtown Dublin. The last time that I visited them in Dublin was 30 years ago when their daughter Clare was a baby. Their son Paul was not born yet back then.

Noreen took us by bus to downtown Dublin and she showed us how to get around Dublin by foot and how to return back to their house by bus that evening. Trinity College, Dublin Castle, Ha’Penny Bridge and St. Stephen’s Green were the highlights of this busy city. For 2 days we ventured in by bus to see this amazing city on our own.

Fiona and her girls

Each evening we shared a meal with the cousins back at their lovely home. We got to see beautiful Clare and meet handsome Paul before we left. They each have their own families now. It was wonderful to have quality time with them to share photos and catch up with each other’s lives. My cousin Bernadette’s beautiful daughter Fiona stopped by for a visit with her adorable 2 little girls. It meant so much to me to get to see her and meet her little Angels.

Healing Trip to Ireland

Noreen and Gerry opened their home and their hearts to us. What a great time we had. How grateful we are to them for sharing their exciting city of Dublin with us on our healing trip to Ireland!

On our last day in Dublin my cousin Pat drove several hours from Knock to pick us up and bring us all the way to Westport, Mayo for Part 2 of our Healing Trip to Ireland.


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