Be In The Moment

Be in the Moment, Live in the MomentBe in the moment
means staying present in the here and now. The past is over, there is no future. The only moment that exists is the now moment.

When you are going through a challenging time it is best to be in the moment. Our rational mind tries to come up with the solution. Then fear and worry get triggered which interferes with resolving the situation. It is important to let go of limiting beliefs.

Instead of going into fear and worry choose to be in the moment, surrendering to Source. The guidance, blessings and grace are available to us so that we can hear the inner voice or intuition in the moment. Being present is a practice, like a meditation.

Right now I am going through a challenging time. Our family is transitioning to Seattle from New York. Every time I come up with a plan about how to proceed some other challenge arises. Then I am brought back to square one – be in the moment. Writing this article is helping me in my own process for we teach what we are learning.

Surrender to God

Be in the Moment, Live in the Moment

Understanding the process involved with change is helpful. I see that I want a plan of action so that I know how to proceed with the transition from New York to Seattle. My plans are not working. I need to surrender to God and allow the process to unfold.

When we surrender to God we are in the unknown and need to keep letting go and letting God take care of the details. The unknown is uncomfortable for my ego who wants to be in charge.

Again and again I need to experience my own discomfort in the void reminding myself that the Universe is for me. This is the work that is involved in Divine creation and it is a jewel or tool for self discovery. When I catch myself trying to control the process I need to surrender to God again with the prayer or affirmation, “I give it all over to you God. Show me the way.”

Be in the Moment, Live in the Moment

Experience Freedom

Allow yourself to experience freedom when you are in the moment surrendered to the Divine. Let your burdens fall away as you continue to breath and let go.

Take three cleansing breaths, breathing in the energy of peace. Breath out the anguish and pain of trying to be in control. Experience freedom with each breath which allows you to be in the moment.

Our birthright is to experience freedom as well as joy, love, peace and abundance. The key is to be in the moment for that is the only place to be, really.

With practice we are able to be in the moment for longer periods of time knowing that the Universe loves and supports us in living our truth. Our job is to stay focused on our intention and hand the rest over to Goddess. Ah, I feel better already, one moment at a time.

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