Caregivers Need Self Care

Caregivers need SelfcareCaregivers need self care. Self care and self love go hand in hand. Whether you are a relative, friend, professional caregiver, therapist or healer it is imperative that you practice positive, healthy self care. Giving to others begins with giving to yourself first.

Caregivers need self care. Your body, mind, emotions and spirit need to be treated with loving attention daily so that you avoid depletion and illness. When you travel on an airplane you are instructed to put the air bag on yourself first then on the child for practical reasons. We cannot give to others what we are not giving to ourselves.

Caregivers need self care as well as self love. With self care and self love the act of giving, loving and caring for others becomes easier without taking from your own life force energy. Nurturing others is more organic and flows when we care for ourselves as part of our daily practice.

Fill your own Cup

Fill your own cup is about putting yourself first as an act of self love. We are here to grow, learn, enjoy life and to be of service to others. Giving what we do not have ourselves or do not give to ourselves depletes our bodies and our psyche creating an imbalance. We are not meant to sacrifice ourselves in caring for others. When we sacrifice self we become resentful and we are unable to truly give from the heart.

Fill your own cup first, then giving to others comes from the flow of life within us. The result of self care is joy for the giver and the receiver as your cup runs over with love.

Positive things that feed your body, mind, emotions and spirit fill your own cup. Meditation, reading an engaging book, tea with a loving friend, walking in nature or working on a creative project are some examples of things that nurture you.

Honor your Body

Honor your body by feeding it healthful live foods, drinking plenty of water and exercising. Your body is the temple of Spirit. Accept it as it is lovingly and be grateful that it is your vehicle to express your creativity, playfulness and to be of service to mankind.

Honor your body by nurturing it with warm baths, stretching, receiving Reiki healings, massages and other healing modalities.

Walking is a wonderful way to honor your body, get exercise, feel grounded and meditate all at the same time.

Honor your Mind

Honor your mind by using affirmations in order to keep your thoughts positive. The mind can only focus on one thing at a time. What you focus on you create more of, so create consciously with intention.

You honor your mind when you meditate. In meditation you focus on one thing such as your breath, to help still the mind. Your mind is a powerful tool for self awareness when you focus it daily in this way.

When you keep your thoughts on your intention you also honor your mind. The mind is meant to be the servant of the master within you which is your Higher Mind or Higher Power. So use your mind for your highest good consciously.

Honor your Emotions

Honor your emotions by allowing them to flow in the moment without judgement. Emotions are neither right nor wrong. Let go of your thoughts and just be with your feelings.

Sharing your feelings with a trusted friend is so important as a way to honor your emotions and release pent up feelings.

In addition to that a way to honor your emotions is to have an agreement with a friend. When you need to vent you let the friend know by simply saying “I need to vent.” That is the cue for them to just be a good listener and not try to fix the problem for you.

Honor your Spirit

Honor your spirit through meditation and prayer. Meditation is listening to God. Prayer is speaking to God.

In meditation you focus your mind so that you honor your spirit in the silence. The rational mind is very active and needs to be stilled in order to be aware of our Higher Power within. Through a regular meditation practice you naturally develop your intuition which is from spirit who dwells within you.

Prayer is another way to honor your spirit by speaking directly to God and consciously connecting to Source knowing that we are not alone. The Universe is for us in every way.

Caregivers need self care. It is about loving and honoring yourself on all levels: body, mind, emotion, spirit. Then caregiving for others comes from your love, compassion and kindness and flows with ease .

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