Gratitude, Being GratefulGratitude is another article under the category of Jewels – Spiritual Tools for Self Discovery.

Gratitude is appreciation, thankfulness, acknowledgement. It also means recognition, rendering credit and praise to another.

Gratitude is expressed in French by the word “merci,” in Spanish “gracias,” in Italian “grazie,” and in German it is “danke.”

Folded hands with palms facing or prayer pose is the body language we use to symbolize gratitude. For some it is falling on one’s knees that is an expression of thanksgiving and praise.

“Wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving.” Kahlil Gibran

Jewel for Self Discovery

Gratitude, Gratitude Changes our Attitude

Using gratitude as a jewel for self discovery enables us to transform our thinking and therefore our reality. We can go from the frustrations of delay to the opportunity to breathe, relax and be still, connecting to the Divine within. The drudgery of chores becomes the chance to stretch and exercise the body when we add gratitude. Instead of seeing the glass as half empty, we see the glass as half full.

Challenges with gratitude added, enable us to see the gift presented to us by the Universe when we are willing to see beyond our limited thinking and let go of limiting beliefs. When we change our mind we change our perception. When we change our perception we change our reality.

Gratitude, Gratitude Changes our Attitude

Practice of Gratitude

Start your day with the practice of gratitude. Pay attention to your thoughts and consciously transform them with an attitude of gratitude, creating an affirmation. For example, go from “I’m too tired to get up this early,” to “I‘m so grateful for the chance to start my day early.”

Feel the internal shift that your practice of gratitude creates within you and keep going with your affirmations. Appreciate everything around you as you notice the calmness and joy slowly rise up inside you.

With your practice of gratitude you see that the clock that wakes you, the hot coffee or tea that warms you and the sleepy faces of your loved ones that greet you are there to be praised. “How wonderful it is to awaken to a quiet house.” Be thankful for the birds chirping or the morning traffic outside. Everyone and everything in our life gives us the chance to acknowledge God within us and in them, experiencing oneness.

Gratitude and Divine Creating

Gratitude, Gratitude Changes our Attitude

Gratitude and divine creating go hand in hand. The grateful heart sees the goodness in oneself, in people and in the world. When we see how blessed we are our heart expands. Our beautiful expanded hearts are the fertile soil upon which we create in the material world. Love flows from our joyous hearts enveloping all of humanity, and Mother Earth on golden beams of Divine love and light.

What we focus on we create more of so that we are on a higher internal vibration. More ease and more of what we need and desire flows back to us from gratitude and Divine creating. As we continue to consciously create we have more to give to our fellow brothers and sisters on the planet, our loved ones and ourselves.

Gratitude, Gratitude Changes our Attitude

Gratitude and Giving Thanks

Gratitude and giving thanks in advance for what we want is another important part of the process of divine creating. The praise given for what God is manifesting through us affirms our trust in God’s benevolence. The richness and abundance of the Universe is flowing in us and all around us. Then we organically magnetize more to ourselves with ease and flow.

When we focus our intention on gratitude and giving thanks for what has not arrived yet we are working with the Divine. We are truly trusting that what we are intending to create it is on it’s way. All we need to do is to be ready to receive it with an open heart.

When we keep our hearts and minds open to what is so freely available to us through gratitude and giving thanks, we are in the flow. Receiving our birthright of love, peace, joy, abundance and creativity anchors us in the reality of our true nature as spirit beings.

We are love made manifest in flesh. We are at one with God, all creation and the universe. The doorway to this awareness is gratitude. And so it is.

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