Honor Our Mother’s Heart

Honor our Mother's HeartHonor our mother’s heart for it is a multifaceted deep cavern of unconditional love. Our Sacred Feminine heart holds a full spectrum of experiences, emotions, memories, qualities and hope.

From the moment of conception of a child a mother’s heart knows that she is not alone on this planet. The Divine Feminine exists and channels through us, the mother, as creation itself taking form as our babe in the womb.

For nine months and beyond birth a mother’s heart is at one with our baby. This is a miracle, an opportunity to grow. Later it becomes a challenge to slowly, slowly let go and let God, allowing our child to stand alone and fly.

To Be Selfless

As a mother of three I have known for awhile now that the path of the mother is a high spiritual path of unconditional love. We are called upon to be selfless putting the needs of our child before our own.

We learn as we go what our baby needs on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. The child is totally dependent upon the mother. We learn quickly to be selfless in order to take care of at least our baby’s basic physical needs.

On my first day as a mother in a New York hospital I was eating my first meal in 24 hours. The nurse came in with my newborn son for me to breast feed him. If I continued to eat the nurse made it clear that she would take my baby back to the nursery and feed him formula instead – a big “no, no” for breast feeding mothers. All I wanted was a few bites of food before nursing him. Quickly I learned to be selfless as I put the fork down, pushed the tray away and reached out for my hungry baby. My hunger would have to be satisfied later.

Sacred Feminine

The Sacred Feminine is alive, vibrant and flowing in a mother’s heart. Whether we are aware of it or not the Divine Feminine energy of love, compassion, patience, mercy, understanding and tenderness flows through our hearts as a mother.

Honor our mother’s heart whether it be our own, the heart of our mother, daughter, wife, sister, grandmother or friend. In doing so we thus honor the Sacred Feminine vibration that is within us all. 

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