Honor Your Emotions

Honor your Emotions, Feel your Emotions

Honor your emotions is another article in a series of posts called Jewels for Self Discovery. Jewels are about simple tools to use on your spiritual path to self awareness.

Honor your emotions by allowing your emotions to flow in the moment without judgement. We are not our feelings. Emotions are neither right nor wrong, they are just feelings, energy. Let go of your thoughts and just be with your feelings.

We do not have to do anything about our emotions, just simply honor your emotions by experiencing them as they happen. Let the energy of the feelings flow freely through us like a river.

When we damn up the river or repress our emotions we create an imbalance in ourselves. It is important to examine why we are not allowing ourselves to feel our feelings so that we can begin to change that pattern and heal.

Sharing your feelings with a trusted friend is so important as a way to honor your emotions and release pent up feelings. When you are grieving the loss of a loved one you need more support to help you through it. All we need is a good listener who serves as a sounding board for our emotions.

Honor your Emotions, Feel your Emotions

Need To Vent

Sharing your feelings with a trusted friend who supports your need to vent pent up feelings is important. You do not have to go it alone in your process.

Have an agreement with a friend who serves as your listener. When you need to vent you let the friend know by simply saying “I need to vent.” That is the cue for that pal to just be a good listener and not try to fix the problem for you.

This is a safe way to express our emotions, feel heard and release the energy of our feelings all at once. The need to vent is especially helpful during the grieving process.

Honor your Emotions, Feel your Emotions

Heal the Past

When you honor your emotions you also have the opportunity to heal the past. So often we repress our feelings rather than experience them in the moment.

The energy of these emotions become embedded within us. It’s accumulative affect ages us and creates an imbalance in our body, mind, emotions and spirit.

When you find yourself remembering a past experience allow yourself to feel the emotions connected to the experience. Just let the feeling rise up in the moment with the intention to heal the past.

Do not think your way through the process, simply feel the feelings. Remind yourself that you are safe now and ready to let the old emotions go. In this way you get to heal the past one experience at a time. Over time you balance yourself on all levels and improve your well being.


Honor your Emotions, Honor your Feelings

Affirmations are a simple way to honor your emotions. Write the affirmation “I am attractive, lovable and capable” slowly on a piece of paper, line by line.

As you write stay focused on each word and it’s true meaning. Pay attention to how you feel as you write the words of your affirmation during this emotional healing process.

When feelings of pain, doubt, resistance or limiting beliefs come up simply turn the page over and jot those down.

For example you may feel “I am not good enough.” Jot the feeling down and do not give it anymore energy. Go back to the front side of the page and continue to write the affirmation “I am attractive, lovable and capable.”

This simple process is powerful because you are feeding your subconscious mind a positive statement of truth or affirmation with the intention to honor your emotions. You also get to see your unconscious feelings and limited beliefs that are blocks to emotional well-being.

Keep it simple when you honor your emotions. Feel them in the moment. You are not your feelings. You are spirit.

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