Honor Your Mind


Honor Your Mind, Consciously Create with your MindHonor your mind first by acknowledging how powerful the mind is. This is another jewel for self discovery. We are not our minds. We are spirit in physical form with a magnificent tool, our mind. The mind is best used for creating our life with intention and purpose in union with the Divine.

Honor your mind by recognizing that we are always creating through our thoughts. Remember to consciously create by using your mind as the wondrous tool that it is. What we focus on we create more of and it expands since energy follows awareness.

Honor your mind by standing at the doorway of your mind, witnessing your thoughts.  See the thoughts that are limiting, negative or based on fear and consciously let them go. The mind can only focus on one thought at a time. Be mindful to not create from negative thoughts. It is important to immediately replace the limiting thoughts with positive, life affirming ones. In this way you also let go of limiting beliefs as all beliefs are limiting.


Honor Your Mind, Consciously Create with your Mind

Affirmations are positive statements of truth. You create through the thoughts that your mind is focused on or affirming. So make sure to keep the thoughts positive and based on what you want to manifest adding passion.

Affirmations help to focus our intention on a simple statement to aide in our creation. Thoughts have energy and words as well. Honor your mind by focusing on the energy of the intention of your affirmations.

The energy of thoughts and words go out into the universe and magnetize back to us what we think and speak. So bring awareness to what you want to manifest through your affirmations and by making sure your thoughts and words reflect what you want in your life.

Affirmations are like lasers of truth that our mind sends out to the universe, much like an arrow to the target of our intended Divine creation. Adding the image of an arrow directed at the target of our creation gives added energy to the creative process of manifestation.

Consistently Attentive

It is important to be consistently attentive in training the mind to think positively with consciousness. It takes effort and awareness to stand at the doorway of your mind so that you do not give energy to the thoughts that are not of the highest and best intention for you and your life.

Be consistently attentive to your thoughts so that you can direct them or redirect them to what you want to create for yourself. This takes practice and it is another way to honor your mind in Divine creating.

Honor Your Mind, Consciously Create with your Mind


With practice negative thinking can become a habit. Limiting thoughts feeds on itself thus creating a downward spiral in one’s thinking.

It takes practice and diligence to turn the downward spiral of fear-based thinking into uplifting thoughts when you remember to switch negative thoughts to positive thoughts consistently.

Through practice over time you then just need to maintain the upward spiral of affirming thoughts. Then you can more easily create consciously and feel more empowered in all areas of your life. Ultimately you begin to live your true potential from your authentic self.


Honor Your Mind, Consciously Create with your Mind

Meditation on a daily basis helps to honor the mind by keeping the mind focused on one thing at a time, like the breath for example. You discipline the mind to go back to your focus again and again. It is like taking a child by the hand lovingly yet firmly and focusing the attention on one thing whether it be the breath, a mantra or candlelight.

In meditation you consciously connect with who you truly are, spirit. The mind is meant to be the servant of the master within, the Divine. Through meditation you receive guidance from God the master within, then carry out the guidance through the practical mind.

You get to hear the still small voice of spirit that always guides you to what is best for you through silencing the mind in the practice of meditation. What a powerful way to honor your mind.

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