Self Love


Self Love, Love Yourself

Self love is another Jewel for Self Discovery. Love is a powerful energy that is within us and all around us. God is love and love is the only reality.

“Love, love, love thyself.” Channeled by Maureen

Self love is essential for us to live as the spirit beings that we are, having a human experience. So many of us focus on seeking love from outside of ourselves through our relationships with parents, friends, intimate partners and children. We all want to give and receive love.

When we by-pass self love and search for love from others first, we hinder our growth and development as spiritual beings. The place to begin first and foremost on our spiritual journey is with self love.

Love and Accept Yourself

Self Love, Love Yourself

Love and accept yourself just as you are. Self love begins with embracing yourself more fully, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Love and accept yourself and all aspects of you without judgement. When you accept yourself completely you honor your body, honor your mind, honor your emotions and honor your spirit.

We are all flawed as humans. When you can see the positive and negative parts of yourself you can love and accept yourself more completely. The natural result then is to love and accept others more easily, just as they are without conditions. This then translates into more awareness of our Divine nature, our connection to each other, all of nature and Mother Earth for we are all one.

Self Love, Love Yourself


Write the affirmation “I love myself” slowly on a piece of paper, line by line. As you write stay focused on each word and it’s true meaning like a meditation.

Pay attention to how you feel as you write these words of your affirmation during this self love healing process. When feelings of pain, doubt, resistance or limiting beliefs come up simply turn the page over and jot them down.

For example you may feel “I don’t deserve love because I am not good enough.” Jot the feeling down and do not give it anymore energy. Go back to the front side of the page and continue to write the affirmation “I love myself.”

As more fear or limiting thoughts rise up from inside, continue to turn the paper over and write them down. This simple process is powerful because youare feeding your subconscious mind a positive statement of truth or affirmation of self love.

You also get to see your unconscious blocks to self love. By seeing your inner blocks you are shedding light on them, allowing a  healing to occur in the presence of your own self love. Love is the healer, the purifier. Love brings up everything unlike itself especially when you use the “I love myself” affirmation as another jewel for self discovery.

Self Love, Love Yourself

“You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve love and affection.” Buddha

What we focus on we create more of and it expands. We create through our thoughts. Know that “you… deserve love and affection.” So as we continue to heal ourselves from within through self love, we then attract more loving relationships. No need to seek after love for we become magnets of love, naturally. Trust that truth and be open to receiving a loving relationship into your life.

Have gratitude for all the love and affection that you already have. You lack nothing as you are a divine being of love and light. Thoughts of lack are an illusion. Love is the only reality. Truly “you…deserve love and affection.” And so it is.

Your essence is love

Your essence is love. God is love. You being a child of God means that you are love made manifest in flesh. Receive your birthright of love and affection.

You are here to live love unconditionally in every moment as your essence is love itself. This is quite a challenge as we are human as well as divine. Our spirit is willing and the flesh is often weak.

Self love bridges our humanity with our divinity. When we love ourselves we are loving Spirit and all of our brothers and sisters in the universe. The pathway to being your true essence and living it is self love.

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