Surrender to God/ Goddess

Surrendering to God/Goddess is a conscious act of letting go of control and letting God be in charge of all our affairs. It takes awareness, strength and courage to get to the place of putting our lives and our problems in Spirit’s hands on a daily basis, sometimes moment to moment.

Often when we are exhausted from trying to go it alone we are then ready to surrender our problems to the Divine. Self love is also an important part of surrendering to God. Instead of feeling less than, defeated or that we are giving up, the opposite is true.We begin to feel better about ourselves and more successful when we allow ourselves to go with the flow of life by putting all our concerns in God’s hands.

When we are surrendering to Goddess the things and people that are not working for us begin to fall away. What we need in order to succeed comes to us naturally as we magnetize them to us because we are getting out of the way and allowing spirit to help us on our path.

Letting Go

Letting go of control is humbling and freeing. The truth is that we have very little control in our life. We only have control over our own attitudes, responses or reactions to people and situations. When we recognize our limitations we are free to let go and allow spirit to be in charge.

Letting go allows us to feel the ease and the release that occurs when we are surrendering to God. No longer do we feel the pain of resistance and the heaviness of our burdens. At first it feels unfamiliar when we surrender, like we are throwing in the towel or giving up. Also fear of the unknown can come up since we are in unfamiliar territory.

Keep breathing, keep relaxing and continue to focus on the intention of letting go. Be in the moment, knowing that there is no past or future. All we have is this moment and our breath. God always guides us to what is best for us. The only way to be in the flow of  the Divine energy is through surrendering and allowing the universe to guide us moment to moment, one day at a time.


Acceptance is part of the process of surrendering to our higher power on our spiritual journey. We are able to let go of worries and concerns knowing that God is in charge.

It takes so much energy to try to find solutions to problems when we don’t have the answers.  With acceptance of God’s benevolence we allow the divine presence into our life so that resolution can occur. When we try to solve problems alone we are limited. With the help of the Divine we are open to unlimited possibilities.

Through acceptance, with our higher power at the helm we are unlimited as all things are possible with spirit. In order for the universe to guide us we need to get out of the way and allow God to take care of the details for us. In this way we experience divine creating first hand in our life. Our birthright of joy is more available for us to access and receive.


Trust in the moment, in yourself, in God. The ability to believe in the sacred moment as the only moment there is takes faith and practice. Grace, blessings, healing and guidance from God only exist in the moment.

Trust yourself as capable of being present in the moment in order to surrender to the universe. Although at times we may feel alone, the truth is we are not alone. We have the divine, our guides and the universe all here for us.

When we trust ourselves we trust God. Source dwells within us and all around us. Our higher power is for us in every way and wants what is best for us. When we fully get that truth we are set free to be who we truly are. We are free to live our true potential.

When we are surrendering to God/Goddess and allow Spirit to be in charge of our life and all our affairs we experience peace, freedom and fulfillment as human beings. And so it is.

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