Let’s Enjoy the Summer

Let’s enjoy the Summer! What are we waiting for? Life is here and now. This is not a dress rehearsal. So let’s get out and have some fun. Life is full of challenges and opportunities for growth. It can get very intense at times working through our issues as spirit beings having a human experience. In seeking […]

Let’s Forgive Ourselves

Let’s forgive ourselves completely. The act of self forgiveness helps us to let go of the past and sets us free to live in the moment. This is essential on our spiritual paths as we continue to evolve and heal. The Oxford English dictionary defines forgiveness as such: “to grant free pardon and to give up all claim on […]

Melt into the Arms of Goddess

This Channeled Message that I received over a year ago expresses the return to our heart energy and the Sacred Divine Feminine. We are who we have been waiting for. This is a new beginning for all of humanity where the Divine Goddess leads us within our hearts. This channeled message is the first track of my beautiful […]

Surrender to Our Higher Power

Surrender to our Higher Power in the moment is a powerful jewel for self discovery. It is a conscious act of letting go of control and letting God be in charge of all our affairs. It takes awareness, strength and courage to get to the place of putting our lives and our problems in Spirit’s hands on […]

New Year Resolution – Love Ourselves More

New Year Resolution – love ourselves more feels so empowering and simple. What a concept. I feel lighter and more excited now about the New Year and new possibilities. In the past I would have a long list of New Year resolutions to be implemented at the start of the year. By the end of […]

Gift Idea – My meditation CD “Collaboration In Spirit”

A wonderful gift idea – my meditation CD “Collaboration In Spirit”  is available on my website. Just click on the link below to hear the CD sample: https://psychicreiki.com/meditationcd  What I love about my CD is that all I need to do is relax and receive as I listen to it. The channeled words and beautiful music speaks to […]

Thanksgiving 2013 – Let’s Count Our Blessings

It’s Thanksgiving 2013 – let’s count our blessings. For many of us Thanksgiving reminds us of family visits and turkey dinners with loved ones. It is a time to reconnect. Thanksgiving is a time to focus on gratitude. Let’s count our blessings such as the people and things that we appreciate in our life. This is a good time to make gratitude a […]

“Collaboration In Spirit” CD Sample

“Collaboration In Spirit” CD sample is available on my website. Just click on the link below to go to Meditation CD page to hear a sample of all five tracks. https://psychicreiki.com/meditationcd  It has been a wonderful co-creative process birthing this beautiful meditation CD with the creative musical genius Ferenz Kallos. Each time I listen to “Collaboration In Spirit” I feel my […]

New Beginnings – Just Moved back to NY

New Beginnings – just moved back to NY and I am excited. We are back in our house in the Catskill Mountains near Woodstock. It is country living at it’s best. Life is simpler here than life in Seattle. Yet we have the NYC influence from the artists, retail store owners, tourists and city transplants all […]

Practice Meditation

Practice meditation for it is a powerful tool and the first step to the conscious awareness of our Divine self. As we reach the place inside of inner peace we access our own Divine wisdom. When we practice meditation we focus the mind on the breath. Then we are able to feel our own energy and spirit. The thoughts […]