Intuitive Readings

Intuition is the ability to access wisdom from within from our Divine self. We are all intuitive whether we know that consciously or not.  It is a “sixth sense,”  an “inner knowing” or “gut feeling” and we all have the ability to tap into this powerful innate resource of truth.

Like all abilities, intuition needs to be acknowledged, nurtured, developed and used with positive intention.  What you focus on expands as energy follows awareness.  The same holds true for intuition.  The more you use it the more you develop it organically, like creativity.


The first step for me in realizing I had access to divine wisdom was learning meditation.  Even though at first I wasn’t sure if I was meditating correctly or not, I kept at it daily with the guidance from the weekly meditation class that I attended back in the summer of 1983.

By September of that year I was able to go into a meditation space by relaxing, focusing on my breath and trusting the higher power inside. I would then receive answers to questions posed by myself or by others.

Intuitive Reading

When a client sets up a intuitive reading session by phone or an in-person intuitive reading with me I suggest to them that they write down their questions before the session.  The specific questions help to focus their intention on what they want guidance for in their life.

At the beginning of the intuitive reading with each individual, I go into a meditative state and ask Spirit to allow me to be a clear and pure channel of love, healing and guidance for the client.  After each question the answer flows through me in words, pictures or both. The information that I channel is spiritual yet practical.

My Intention

The session always ends with a blessing.  My intention is that the seeker feels satisfied that the highest and best purpose for them has been served during their Intuitive Reading session.  The energy during the reading is one of love, compassion and healing for the client on all levels – body, mind, emotion and spirit. I encourage my clients to receive the healing energy that channels through me as well.

Maureen encourages all of her clients to:

  • Live your true potential
  • Feel your own wholeness
  • Experience inner peace and joy
  • Express your creativity
  • Be who you really are- perfectly human and perfectly divine

Maureen Brennan Mercier

Maureen Brennan Mercier

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