“I’ve had several readings with Maureen. I keep coming back because she is SO helpful. In a psychic reading with Maureen you will receive detailed, practical guidance for any aspect of your life, as well as inspiration on your path. In my last reading with her, I brought several questions regarding current plans and challenges in my life. I gained such clarity from her insights as well as help with timing, this provided much comfort. I felt a calm, easy feeling of being exactly on my path, ready to engage in my creative endeavors with no doubts nagging. Then I was ready to move forward, yay. Maureen is a bona fide clairvoyant and shares the images she is receiving as psychic information, it’s very cool. Give yourself the gift of a reading with her, you will be happy you did!” Tara Brennan

“Dear One, Maureen, I first want to thank you for a truly life -enhancing reading, for real. I  have now listened to my recordings 3 times and , funnily I feel like I know YOU so well. And what I’ve discovered is an authentic sweetheart in the very best degree, you were so thoughtful and flowing; from person to person like an expert. I wrote the times down in order to cue up a segment (if anyone wants a listen!); and you were able to contact 8 beings (!mostly humans!). The luxury of being able to communicate with my father, all four of my grandparents, an old dear friend, and my boy cat extraordinaire Oliver fully and pretty damn thoroughly, all in just over 45 minutes is amazing . I am floored by what I’ve learned and how I now have such a clearer direction to follow in order to find my bliss and purpose at this time in my life. This is a real gift that has so much value that it could very easily be priceless. I want you to know, when I got home, right after our reading. I sat with my cat Margaux (Bordeaux) and pressed play (thank God I remembered to bring my phone in and record! ). My tears were warmer than ever before, because they were happy tears but more than that, they were filled with LOVE. And I couldn’t stop smiling for the following 45 minutes.
Sending you Maureen my biggest grateful thank you I can muster, lots of love-filled blessings, love and light to you and yours including all the loving and lovable beings.  Leila
P.s. I hope to see you very soon.” Leila, NY

“My session with Maureen was exactly what I needed.  One hour of undivided attention with real, clear connection to intuitive guidance.  Maureen was caring, warm and comforting all while creating a purely healing experience.  I felt a true shift in my energy that can only be described as a reawakening.  Maureen’s style of naturally mixing her spiritual gifts with action based ideas/strategies is the perfect mix of peace & love that is awe inspiring.  I am overjoyed and honored to have had a reading with Maureen.  I plan on connecting with her on a regular basis!!”
Tai, NJ
“It’s been a privilege to know and work with Maureen for decades.  Her channeling is high-order and I appreciate the clarity, deep connection of spirit and safety in the space she holds for the information as it comes through.  Her images transmitted are extremely helpful and relevant years after a session’s questions have been answered.  Maureen’s generosity of spirit has provided  healing through some very dark times.”
Tracy, Mercer County, NJ

“Maureen is a very gifted clairvoyant reader and healer.  She comes straight from the heart and the guidance she offers is extremely insightful, loving, down-to-earth and practical.  Maureen has the ability to guide you on your path with total neutrality, while offering support and validation for you as a spirit. She has been blessed with natural intuitive abilities pretty much her whole life, which she has dedicated to helping others on their spiritual journey. When you have a reading with Maureen, she reminds you of how beautiful and loved you are and you can feel the love of Spirit all around her. I highly recommend Maureen if you are looking for direction and clarity in your life – she is the real deal!”                                                    Victoria Stankard, Writer, Mother, Business Owner, Tampa, FL

“I have had the great pleasure to meet and work with Maureen since March 2010. I started doing  guided meditation and with Maureen’s gentle words and guidance it was a very rewarding experience. Wednesday evening meditation became a highlight of the week. Then I learned that she is also skilled as a Reiki Master. I had two Reiki treatments from her within a month and I definitely felt a clearing and healing as I had just lost my dog who was hit by a car. Then in July my sister’s boyfriend passed away suddenly. Being very concerned for my sister I asked Maureen to contact the spirit of her boyfriend. She did indeed contact him and I also spoke with him. Maureen taped the session and I was able to give the tape to my sister and her boyfriend’s family. Doing so gave the family a great deal of peace and closure. Maureen is very genuine, very generous, and a very skilled healer. Anyone having the pleasure of working with her is very fortunate.”  Susan Robbins, Artist, Actress, Animal Activist, Saugerties, NY

“The special healing gift that Maureen utilizes in her work is very well suited to Reiki. Maureen is a perfect, loving channel of healing energy. You owe it to yourself to have a session with her today. Don’t put it off.”             Dr. Eva Urbaniak, Naturopathic Physician, Seattle, WA

“The Reiki session with Maureen was wonderful. The ease at which Maureen was able to help me relax was really phenomenal. She is gifted in terms of her sensitivity and awareness of other people’s stressors. Maureen is a beautiful person and someone who easily and naturally evokes calmness and clarity and insight.” Joshua Kates, MSW, ACSW, UBE, PA

“I love working (intuitive readings) with you. You are a professional. You’re like a breath of fresh air- opening a beautiful window of light. I feel as if I am making headway with some deep issues. It is okay to be myself!”    Marie Sterk, Massage Therapist, Longmont, CO

“I wanted to say how much our last session helped me; life changing. The session before that helped immensely also. So much came out of this past session. It was sooooo helpful. It’s the best therapy I think anyone can get, and I’m really grateful to have you as a counselor/helper. I get right to the core of the issue and deal with really critical stuff, very well and thoroughly. I just can’t tell you how much this last session helped, as well as the one before. I have so much to work with, with regard to healing.” Donna E.

“Maureen and Ferenz’s meditations and music are exceptionally healing for the very reason that they allow the listener to do nothing but receive. We surrender and let the healing be done through us, and so remember that, as Spirit, we are always whole and One with the Divine.”
Helen D. Vandeman, author, Reality Is But a Dream: A Multicultural Exploration

Maureen Brennan Mercier

Maureen Brennan Mercier

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