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This simple message of PEACE came to me this morning. The world is in chaos and we may be heading for yet another war. What do I want? What do you want? I want PEACE! Then the awareness came that if I focus on what I do NOT want I will get more of what […]

Finding our Place of Peace Inside

Finding our Place of Peace Inside It is easy to have hope when our life is humming along nicely. The challenge is to have hope even when our heart is crushed and the rug has been pulled out from under us in an instant. It is hard to have hope when there are natural disasters […]

Maureen back in Seattle – New Beginnings Again

Maureen back in Seattle – New beginnings again. It is wonderful to be back in the Seattle area after being in New York for 4 months with family. As most of you may know my beloved bother Kenny passed suddenly at the end of April in New York. I stayed in New York after his funeral […]

Practice the Practices Classes

Practice the Practices Classes with Maureen (formerly called “Into the Mystic Classes”) is available for this Fall. The 10 week series is focused on the basic spiritual practices that support you on your path. The classes are a powerful way to get begin spiritual practice or to get back on track daily. We begin each class with […]

Order “Collaboration in Spirit” CD as a Gift

Order “Collaboration in Spirit” CD as a gift. As a birthday present, for graduation, an anniversary, or as a ‘get well’ gift your loved ones will be so happy that you did. It’s as simple as clicking here to order the CD and to listen to a sample of each piece. Please add the loved one’s […]

Qualities of the Divine Feminine

The  Qualities of the Divine Feminine is associated with Universal Motherhood, Holy Mother, Mother Earth and the Divine Self within. In order to be whole we need to balance the male and female within us and in the universe. We do that by honoring the Divine Feminine. What is the Divine Feminine? What is the Divine […]

Linda Chasteen Interviewed Me for Intention Radio

Linda Chasteen interviewed me for Intention Radio recently. The title for the show that aired Aug. 23 is: The Art of Modern Surrender…Letting Go and Letting Intuition Flow As an interviewer Linda Chasteen brings out the best in the person she is interviewing. She certainly brought out the best in me I must say. Linda […]

Spiritually Parenting Our Children

Spiritual parenting our children is grounded in the intention to love, support and guide our children to what is best for them on all levels – body, mind, emotion and spirit. Our children come through us, divinely created with the grace of Goddess. Spiritual parenting our children is about remembering we cannot hold onto our children nor […]

Drumming at Green Lake

Drumming at Green Lake is such a wonderful experience. All of nature surrounds me as I sit close to the water, trees, birds, ducks, water lilies, turtles and a lone crane. Having no formal training in drumming and being a little shy, I prefer to go drumming at Green Lake away from the busy crowd […]

Intuitive Reading and Reiki Healing 1/2 off Special

I invite you to take advantage of my Intuitive Reading and Reiki Healing 1/2 off Special! For a limited time only, I am offering a 50 minute Channeled Reading and a 10 minute Reiki Healing for $50 which is half of my regular rate. For more than 28 years I have been helping many people […]