Archives for December 3, 2017

Order Collaboration in Spirit CD gift wrapped for the Holidays

Order Collaboration in Spirit CD gift wrapped for the Holidays. Your loved ones on your Christmas list will be so happy that you did. It’s as simple as clicking here to order the CD and to listen to a sample of each piece. Please add the loved one’s name and address that the CD gets shipped […]

Let’s Enjoy Summer!

Let’s enjoy Summer! What are we waiting for? Life is here and now. This is not a dress rehearsal. So let’s get out and have some fun. Life is full of challenges and opportunities for growth. It can get very intense at times working through our issues as spirit beings having a human experience. In seeking some […]

Reiki Healing

“Reiki…being a Universal force from the Great Divine Spirit, it belongs to all who seek and desire to learn the art of healing – Hawayo Takata Reiki (pronounced “ray-key”) Healing is an ancient Japanese hands-on healing art.  It is a method of natural healing that is a form of bodywork and energy medicine.  The Reiki […]

New Year Resolution – Love Self More

My New Year Resolution – love self more feels so empowering and simple. What a concept. I feel lighter and more excited now about the New Year and new possibilities. In the past I would have a long list of New Year resolutions to be implemented at the start of the year. By the end […]

Into the Mystic Classes with Maureen

Into the Mystic Classes with Maureen is my newest addition of classes available at Collaboration in Spirit Center. The 10 week series is a one-on-one experience. We focus on the basic spiritual practices that support you on your path.  We begin each class with a prayer to set our intention. Then we do a check-in […]

Collaboration in Spirit Center February Calendar of Events

Collaboration in Spirit Center February Calendar of Events   “Relax in the Catskill Mountains on sacred land. Feel centered and nurtured as you journey within.”   Maureen Brennan Mercier Maureen is available for: *Intuitive Readings based on your questions. *Private Meditation Classes *Reiki Healing Sessions *Reiki I, II, III Classes *Consultations on How to Create a CD *The […]

Healing Power of Touch – Reiki

As a Reiki Master Teacher I have experienced first hand the Healing Power of Touch – Reiki. My intention is to show how powerful this ancient Japanese energy medicine is as a hands-on healing tool for facilitating balance and wholeness in the body. Healing Power of Touch – Reiki is very subtle. Reiki is also considered to be an energy […]

Living with Pain Daily

Living with pain  daily is quite a challenge for each of us on this planet. None of us are exempt from experiencing pain whether it is in the body, mind, emotional body or spirit. It matters not whether you are poor, rich or middle class for pain is part of the human condition. What we do with […]

Intuition – the Voice Within

Intuition – the Voice Within is the wisdom from our Divine self. We are all intuitive beings. Intuition is a natural ability from Source that we are able to tap into. It is available to assist us in living our life more consciously with intention and fulfillment. Intuition is also called the sixth sense, psychic ability or gut feeling […]

Letting Go and Allowing God

Letting go and allowing God is a powerful intention that reminds me to surrender to Source. It may seem like a simple message but it isn’t easy to live it. It helps to bring awareness to the intention of letting go and allowing God. Moment to moment each day I need to remember this simple jewel for […]