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Channeled Message for April 2012

This is a Channeled Message for April 2012 that I first received back in 1983 when I started channeling. I was guided to give you this message today. It is so appropriate for these times now as we are ascending as beings of light. “Remember who you are. You are a Divine Being of Love and […]

Spirit of Christmas

  Lumina Dei Newsletter December 2011 Dear friend, What does the Spirit of Christmas mean to you? What is the true essence of this holy season? How do you want to celebrate the holidays from your authentic self? Is it just about shopping for gifts for your loved ones? Does it mean going into debt in order to […]

Practice Gratitude

Practice gratitude daily as a discipline to honor your spirit, thereby uplifting you on your spiritual path. Gratitude is appreciation, thankfulness, acknowledgement, recognition, rendering credit and praise. Folded hands with palms facing each other or prayer pose is the body language we use when we practice gratitude. For some it is falling on one’s knees that is […]


Gratitude is another article under the category of Jewels – Spiritual Tools for Self Discovery. Gratitude is appreciation, thankfulness, acknowledgement. It also means recognition, rendering credit and praise to another. Gratitude is expressed in French by the word “merci,” in Spanish “gracias,” in Italian “grazie,” and in German it is “danke.” Folded hands with palms […]