New Beginnings – Just Moved back to NY

  New Beginnings – just moved back to NY and I am excited! We are back in our beautiful house in the Catskill Mountains near Woodstock. It is country living at it’s best. Life is simpler here, yet we have the NYC influence from the artists, retail store owners, tourists and city transplants all around us. […]

Spiritual Support

Spiritual support is such an important resource to have while we walk our path. Life is challenging on this planet. With loving friends who have our back we know that we are not alone in the world. When we have spiritual support in our life we have a built in network of resources to help us along […]

Intuitive Reading with Maureen

An Intuitive Reading with Maureen is based on your questions. In what areas of your life do you need guidance? I suggest that you write down the questions before the session.  The specific questions help us to focus our intention on what you want guidance for in their life. it also helps to prioritize the most important issues […]

Trusting our Intuition

Trusting our intuition is about knowing that we are all intuitive. It is a natural sense that we have been endowed with by the Divine, the sixth sense. Our intuition always guides us to what is best for us. Trust in that truth! We develop our natural intuition or psychic abilities by using intention, inner […]

Give the Perfect Gift – a Session with Maureen

Give the Perfect Gift – a session with Maureen. Schedule an Intuitive Reading with me as a gift to yourself or give this gift to your loved ones. My Intuitive Readings are in person or via phone so it doesn’t matter where you live. The Reading is based on your questions which helps us both to […]

Follow your Intuition

Follow your intuition as it is the wisdom within from our Divine self. We are all intuitive beings whether we are aware of it or not. Intuition is a natural ability from Source that we are able to tap into. It is available to assist us in living our life more consciously with intention and fulfillment. When you follow […]

Maureen back in Seattle – New Beginnings Again

Maureen back in Seattle – New beginnings again. It is wonderful to be back in the Seattle area after being in New York for 4 months with family. As most of you may know my beloved bother Kenny passed suddenly at the end of April in New York. I stayed in New York after his funeral […]


Keep it simple. This has been my favorite slogan for most of my adult life. Life on planet Earth is complicated, messy, wonderful, depressing, exciting, challenging, expansive and more… We are encouraged to live in  the moment yet we do not know what lies around the next corner. When we keep it simple we are […]

Maureen – Living Bi-Coastal

  Maureen – Living bi-coastal. I have been doing this for quite some time, traveling from upstate New York to Seattle. In order to do so it is important to flow with what is happening in the moment. Whatever I am attached to only gets in my way and hinders the flow. The key is […]

Maureen at Lily’s Boutique Saturday June 4

Maureen at Lily’s Boutique Saturday June 4th from 1 – 6 PM doing Intuitive Readings on the porch in Woodstock, NY. Nurture your Sacred Feminine in the beautiful air-conditioned shop in the center of Woodstock. Tiny, the owner of Lily’s Boutique, created an amazing shop that carries beautiful, unique apparel, accessories, gifts, organic chocolate and more! […]