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3. Healing Trip to Ireland

This is Part 3 of a 3 part story of my recent Healing Trip to Ireland The final leg of our healing trip to Ireland was coming home to Cloonlavish, Knock the place of my mom and grandma’s birth. We stopped at my cousin Bernadette’s wonderful house to see her and one of her sons. Later […]

Trusting our Intuition

Trusting our intuition is about knowing that we are all intuitive. It is a natural sense that we have been endowed with by the Divine, the sixth sense. Our intuition always guides us to what is best for us. Trust in that truth! We develop our natural intuition or psychic abilities by using intention, inner […]


TRUST self, trust the Divine who lies within us. We are the sons and daughters of the Universe. Our essence is love. Full access to wisdom is our birthright. The key to those treasure is in our ability to trust self, trust the Divine. The way within is not through logic and the rational mind. […]

My New Year’s Resolution – Love Self More

New Year’s Resolution – love self more feels so empowering and simple. What a concept. I feel lighter and more excited now about the New Year and new possibilities. In the past I would have a long list of New Year’s resolutions to be implemented at the start of the year. By the end of […]

Maureen at Lily’s Boutique Saturday June 4

Maureen at Lily’s Boutique Saturday June 4th from 1 – 6 PM doing Intuitive Readings on the porch in Woodstock, NY. Nurture your Sacred Feminine in the beautiful air-conditioned shop in the center of Woodstock. Tiny, the owner of Lily’s Boutique, created an amazing shop that carries beautiful, unique apparel, accessories, gifts, organic chocolate and more! […]

Self Love

Self love is essential. It is class #3 of Maureen and her Magic Mystic Tour of classes on spiritual practice. Love is a powerful energy that is within us and all around us. God is love and love is the only reality. Self love is essential for us to live as the spirit beings that […]

Maureen still in NY & available for Readings

Maureen still in NY & available for Readings. The sale of our house in NY fell through recently so I am still available for in person Spirit Guidance Readings. My husband and I are being positive that the right buyer will soon purchase our beautiful Saugerties, NY home. Then we will be able to be […]

Melt into the Arms of Goddess

This Channeled Message that I received over a year ago expresses the return to our heart energy and the Sacred Divine Feminine. We are who we have been waiting for. This is a new beginning for all of humanity where the Divine Goddess leads us within our hearts. This channeled message is the first track of my beautiful […]

Contact Maureen for your Next Intuitive Reading

Contact Maureen for your next Intuitive Reading. Intuitive Readings with me by phone or in person are based on your questions. The specific questions help us both to focus our intention on what you want guidance for in your life. At the beginning of the Intuitive Reading I go into a meditative state. Then I pray and ask Spirit to […]

Affirmations for New Year 2014

Affirmations for New Year 2014 are a powerful yet simple way to begin the New Year. The past is over. We have already entered a new beginning here on the new Earth. These affirmations for New Year 2014 will help to support the powerful changes that we are co-creating now as we enter 2014. Affirmations Affirmations are positive statements […]