Archives for January 9, 2012

Comfrey Leaf Herbal Infusion

Comfrey Leaf Herbal Infusion is my next article on how to make herbal infusions. My other herbal infusion articles are about Nettle Leaf and Oat Straw and their nutritional benefits. I have always been interested in herbs to improve my health and well being. My resources for herbal information have been from articles, my friends and Susun Weed, […]

Spiritual Parenting

Lumina Dei Newsletter     May 2011 Dear friend, Spiritual parenting is based on the intention to love, support and guide our children to what is best for them on all levels – body, mind, emotion and spirit. We divinely create these beautiful beings with Goddess’s grace, birthing them into the world. Loving my three […]

Let Go and Let God

  Let Go and Let God is a powerful slogan reminding me to surrender to Source. It may seem like a simple message but it isn’t easy. It helps to bring awareness to the intention to let go and let God. Moment to moment each day I need to remember this simple jewel for self […]