Archives for October 18, 2012

Gangaji “Loving Yourself is Inclusive”

I am not here to teach you what you should believe or how you should act. I am here to support you in your vigilance to this that is calling you in the depth of your being. Love yourself. Loving yourself is inclusive. You will not find anything that can be excluded from the vastness […]

Prepare for Surgery with Self Care

Prepare for surgery with self care. Self care and self love go hand in hand. Giving to yourself first is an act of self love. This is important in order to increase your body’s ability to heal from surgery. Prepare for surgery with self care. It is essential. Your body, mind, emotions and spirit need to be […]

Things My Mom Taught Me

As I get older I have more of an appreciation for my mom who passed over 21 years ago. This article is dedicated to her as I remember the things my mom taught me. She carried the qualities of the Sacred Feminine. My mother didn’t teach me in a direct way. In fact the day […]

At One with Mother Earth, Goddess Gaia

  At one with Mother Earth, Goddess Gaia is the conscious connection we feel when we are present with Gaia, the Sacred Feminine Goddess of planet earth. Using all our senses, letting go of our thoughts and just being in the stillness of nature is all it takes. Walking in the woods, swimming in the ocean, […]


  Forgiveness is another tool or jewel for self discovery. The Oxford English dictionary defines forgiveness as such: “to grant free pardon and to give up all claim on account of an offense or debt.” Forgiveness is also about letting go of resentment, anger, bitterness, limiting beliefs and vengeful thinking. “To forgive is to set […]