Archives for February 15, 2017

Loving Ourselves Completely

Loving ourselves completely is an important practice on our journey of the soul. In my Practice the Spiritual Practices Classes Self Love is Class #3. Loving ourselves completely is an essential component for us to live as spirit beings in human form. When we by-pass self love and search for love from others first, we hinder our […]

Divine Creation

Divine Creation is about owning our own Divine ability to create in the world. We are always creating through our thoughts. So let’s remember to manifest more consciously with intention by focusing our thoughts on what we want. We already know what we do not want, so do not focus on that. In Divine creation we focus […]


MEDITATION is a powerful spiritual tool. It is the first step to the conscious awareness of our Divine self. That is why it is the most important practice in our series of spiritual practices. These classes are a part of Maureen and Her Magic Mystic Tour. When we practice meditation we focus the mind on the breath. As a result […]

Reiki Healing Case Study

The Reiki Healing Case Study that I will discuss here in this article involves a man in his forties who came to me for a Reiki Healing session a few years back. My client had symptoms resembling mononucleosis. The doctors were not exactly sure what his problem was, he told me. This was frustrating for him and he simply wanted healing as soon as […]

Healing our Heart

Healing our heart is a multifaceted process that takes patience. The first step is to acknowledge that our heart is broken. Whether it is through the death of a loved one, a relationship ending or a betrayal in a close relationship the broken heart will heal. Once we accept the pain and embrace the experience the process […]

Imagery as a Tool for Healing

Imagery as a tool for healing is a simple way to relieve stress, ease pain in the body and co-create in the world. Imaginal exercises are very simple, taking only a few minutes. Imagery is a very powerful jewel for self discovery. Our mind is a powerful tool to create in the world. We create through our thinking […]

Let Go and Let Goddess

Lumina Dei Newsletter   March 2012 Dear friend, Let Go and Let Goddess is a powerful reminder to surrender to Source. It may seem like a simple message but it isn’t easy. It helps to bring awareness to the intention to let go and let Goddess. Moment to moment each day I need to remember this simple jewel […]

Walking around Green Lake in Seattle

  Walking around Green Lake in Seattle is a wonderful way to get exercise, feel grounded in the earth, connect with Goddess Gaia and meditate. As a meditation walking around Green Lake really works as the water is soothing to focus on. The lush green of the trees, grass, shrubs and the brilliant colors of […]

“When going through hell keep going.” Winston Churchill

“When  going through hell keep going.” Winston Churchill When I first heard this quote by Churchill I laughed. After thinking about his words I realized that he was making an important point that resonated with me. When going through hell keep going reminds me to not get stuck in the pain and searing fire of a […]

New Beginnings

New Beginnings are here and now whether we are in the Spring season, a new season in our life, or simply focused on living in the here and now moment on our spiritual path. Everyday is a new day, a new opportunity to begin again. In order to do so you need to let go […]