Archives for September 1, 2015

Self Love is Essential

Self love is essential. It is another Jewel for Self Discovery. Love is a powerful energy that is within us and all around us. God is love and love is the only reality. Self love is essential for us to live as the spirit beings that we are, having a human experience. So many of us […]

New Year Resolution – Love Ourselves More

New Year Resolution – love ourselves more feels so empowering and simple. What a concept. I feel lighter and more excited now about the New Year and new possibilities. In the past I would have a long list of New Year resolutions to be implemented at the start of the year. By the end of […]

New Beginnings 2013

New Beginnings 2013 are here now as we celebrate the New Year. Let’s start on a positive note for this new cycle in our life on planet Earth. Everyday is a new day, a new opportunity to begin again. In order to do so you need to let go of yesterday, the past as you embrace new […]

Experience Inner Joy

Experience inner joy when it arises from within you. We can feel it as the result of an experience in the world that inspires happiness. It can also occur for no apparent reason at all. Recently I experience inner joy for no obvious reason. I pause in order to honor my emotions and I ask myself where this […]

Our Essence is LOVE

Our essence is LOVE. God is LOVE. We, being the children of God means that we are LOVE made manifest in flesh. . We are here to live LOVE unconditionally in every moment. This is quite a challenge for us as humans here on earth. In order to meet this challenge it is important to balance our body, […]

Handing Everything Over to God

Handing everything over to God in the moment is a powerful jewel for self discovery. It is a conscious act of letting go of control and letting God be in charge of all of our affairs. It takes awareness, strength and courage to get to the place of putting our lives and our problems in Spirit’s hands […]

Spirit of Christmas

Lumina Dei Newsletter December 2010 Dear friends, What does the Spirit of Christmas mean to you? What is the true essence of this holy season? How do you want to celebrate the holidays from your authentic self? It is not just about shopping for gifts for your loved ones. Spirit of Christmas doesn’t mean going […]