Archives for July 8, 2016

Be in the Moment

Be in the moment means staying present in the here and now. The past is over, there is no future. The only moment that exists is the now moment. When you are going through a challenging time it is best to be in the moment. Our rational mind tries to come up with the solution. […]

Sacred Feminine

The Sacred Feminine is associated with Universal Motherhood, Holy Mother, Mother Earth and the Divine Self within. In order to be whole we need to balance the male and female within us and in the universe. We do that by honoring the Sacred Feminine. What is the Sacred Feminine? What is the Sacred Feminine? The […]

Maureen at Mirabai Friday Dec. 12 and back Jan. 16

Maureen at Mirabai Friday Dec. 12 and back Jan. 16 . You will find me doing Readings in the lovely back room at Mirabai from 12:30 – 6 PM. After spending Christmas in Seattle I will be back at Mirabai on Jan. 16. Just look for my sandwich board sign outside the bookshop pointing the way. Book your session […]

Drink Pure Water

Drink pure water. Our bodies are made up of cells which are 65-90% water by weight. Our brain is 80% water. It is essential to drink plenty of pure water daily to maintain good health and well being. In our New York house in the country we get to drink pure water from the well that gets purified through a […]

Traveling Across the US

Traveling across the US has been an old dream of mine for quite some time. Just recently I had the opportunity to experience Divine Creating at it’s best by fulfilling that almost forgotten dream. On Sunday July 3 my daughter and I completed the four day trip across this beautiful country from Saugerties, New York […]