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Our Intuition is Unlimited

Our Intuition is Unlimited Our intuition is unlimited. It always guides us to that which is best for us.  The key is to pay attention to it and follow it even when it makes no sense to us. The more we listen to our intuition the stronger it gets. Our intuition is unlimited as it is the […]

Be in the Moment

Be in the moment means staying present in the here and now. The past is over, there is no future. The only moment that exists is the now moment. When you are going through a challenging time it is best to be in the moment. Our rational mind tries to come up with the solution. […]

Sacred Feminine

The Sacred Feminine qualities are associated with Universal Motherhood, Holy Mother, Mother Earth and the Divine Self within. In order to be whole we need to balance the male and female within us and in the universe. We do that by honoring the Sacred Feminine. What is the Sacred Feminine? The Sacred Feminine is the energy […]

The Practice of Meditation

The practice of meditation is a powerful spiritual tool. It is the first step to the conscious awareness of our Divine self. That is why it is the first practice we learn in my series of classes “Into the Mystic.” When we practice meditation we focus the mind on the breath. Then we are able to feel our […]

International Day of Peace Meditation

International Day of Peace is also known as World Peace Day. It was made official by the United Nations (UN) in 1981. Several nations, political groups, military groups, and spiritual groups observe International Day of Peace each year in September. This year it is on September 21. Come join us at Collaboration in Spirit Center, Saugerties, NY […]

Open House Collaboration In Spirit Center Sat July 13

OPEN HOUSE COLLABORATION IN SPIRIT CENTER Saturday July 13, 2013 10-5 PM Saugerties, NY 12477 Join Maureen at her new healing center: COLLABORATION IN SPIRIT CENTER Meet special guest Johnny Angel and hear about Maureen & Johnny Angel’s upcoming workshop on Sat July 20 – “Meet Your Angels.” Learn about upcoming classes, meditation groups and […]

Astrologer Janet Hickox Interviews Maureen Brennan Mercier

Excitedly I would like to announce that Astrologer Janet Hickox Interviews Maureen Brennan Mercier on Authentic You Radio Thursday May 23 at 4 pm PST. Janet Hickox is the host of the radio show “Living Astrology.” Years ago I was a guest Intuitive Reader at the metaphysical bookstore that Janet owned back then. She is a warm, loving, […]

We are Love

God is love. Since we are the children of God we are love made manifest in flesh. Our essence is love itself. We are here to live love unconditionally in every moment. Quite a challenge for us as humans here on earth. In order to meet this challenge it is important to balance our body, mind, emotion and spirit. […]

In The Void

In the void is the place of not knowing. The past is over and the new has not arrived yet. The void is a blank canvas or fertile ground ready for us to plant the seeds of our creation. When we are in the void it is a challenging yet fruitful place to be. Are […]

Path of Devotion

The universe is multidimentional and multifaceted. There is one Source and many spiritual paths. We each have a path that resonates with us internally. Mine is the path of devotion to the Sacred Feminine Goddess. In Sanskrit Bhakti Yoga is the path of devotion. Sri Krishna teaches that the easiest path to God/Goddess consciousness is […]