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The Spirit of Christmas

What does the Spirit of Christmas mean to you? What is the true essence of this holy season? How do you want to celebrate the holidays from your authentic self? It is not just about shopping for gifts for your loved ones. The Spirit of Christmas doesn’t mean going into debt in order to buy everyone […]

Channeled Readings with Maureen Brennan Mercier

Channeled Readings with Maureen Brennan Mercier by phone or in person are based on your questions. The specific questions help us both to focus our intention on what you want guidance for in your life. At the beginning of the Channeled Reading I go into a meditative state. Then I pray and ask Spirit to allow me to be a […]

How Do We Stop Obsessive Thoughts?

How do we stop obsessive thoughts? First we need to recognize and name those exaggerated, nagging, overwhelming thoughts that are based on fear. Obsessive thoughts consumed me a year ago. A close family member’s addiction worried me to no end. My thoughts were rooted in the fear that my loved one would die of the addiction. Picturing him suffering […]

Grieving for a Loved One

It has been two years since my dear friend Debbie passed. I wrote this article about her two years ago, just 13 hours before she departed. In her honor and for those of you who are grieving, I publish this article again. The journey of grieving for a loved one has begun for me. It all began […]

Collaboration In Spirit July Calendar of Events

Collaboration In Spirit July Calendar of Events “Relax in the Catskill Mountains on sacred land. Feel centered and nurtured as you journey within.”  Maureen Tues July 16: Meditation w Maureen  7-8 PM  $15 suggested donation        Wed July 17: * Intenders w Johnny Angel 7-9:30 PM  $20 *Open Channel Session w Maureen $20 ($30 […]

Affirmations to Nurture Your Heart And Soul

Affirmations to nurture your heart and soul are a powerful and simple way to begin our day. They can be used as part of our daily practice. Prayer, meditation and yoga are practices that work well with affirmations to help balance ourselves. These affirmations will help to support the powerful changes that we are co-creating now in […]

Irish Blessings

Irish Blessings are beautiful, simple, earthy prayers that I grew up. My mother was born in Mayo, Ireland and she came to America when she was just 17 years old. Mom was a great story teller who freely shared with me her personal history of growing up in Ireland. Her great faith in God and […]

Sacred Feminine Soul Sisters

  Sacred Feminine Soul Sisters are those female friends who see us, love and accept us for who we are. They are our people who we can relax and be ourselves with. Our sisters do not judge us. Nurturing and healing our hearts are what our Sacred Feminine Soul Sisters do with ease when we are together. Even […]

Manifest in the World

Manifest in the world knowing that you are a Divine being of love and light. Our birthright is to manifest our spirit through our words, actions and our work in the world – our service to humanity. In order to manifest in the world we need to surrender to God. Then our ego is out of the way and […]

Connect to Goddess Gaia

We connect to Goddess Gaia by being present with the Sacred Feminine Goddess of planet earth. Using all of our senses, letting go of our thoughts and just being in the stillness of nature is all it takes. Walking in the woods, swimming in the ocean, hiking a mountain or picnicking in a meadow are ways to connect […]