Archives for November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving – Let’s Count Our Blessings

It’s Thanksgiving – let’s count our blessings. For many of us Thanksgiving reminds us of family visits and turkey dinners with loved ones. It is a time to reconnect. Thanksgiving is a time to focus on gratitude. Let’s count our blessings such as the people and things that we appreciate in our life. This is a good time […]

Need Healing? My CD Will Help You

Need healing? My CD will help you. “Collaboration in Spirit” CD’s channeled message expresses the return to our heart and the return of the Divine Feminine. We are who we have been waiting for. This is a new beginning for all of humanity where the Divine Goddess leads us within our hearts. My favorite track is […]

We were Summer Kids!

Life is complicated, messy, wonderful, challenging, joyful, an opportunity, a school and it is truly what we make it. Since my beloved brother Kenny passed almost three months ago I have been dealing with my grief. This summer is going by quickly and I have not had any fun. I remember Kenny and I growing […]

Surrender to God/ Goddess

Surrendering to God/Goddess is a conscious act of letting go of control and letting God be in charge of all our affairs. It takes awareness, strength and courage to get to the place of putting our lives and our problems in Spirit’s hands on a daily basis, sometimes moment to moment. Often when we are exhausted from trying […]

Spirit of Christmas

Spirit of Christmas mean to you? What is the true essence of this holy season? How do you want to celebrate the holidays from your authentic self? It is not just about shopping for gifts for your loved ones. Spirit of Christmas doesn’t mean going into debt in order to buy everyone on your list […]

Stop Obsessive Thoughts Now

How do we stop obsessive thoughts now? First we need to name those exaggerated, overwhelming thoughts that are usually based on fear. As a result of a close family member’s addiction I struggled with obsessive thoughts two years ago. The thoughts were rooted in the fear that my loved one would die of the addiction. I would picture him […]

Process of Grounding in the Earth

The process of grounding in the Earth each day is an important part of our daily practice as a jewel for self discovery. We are spirit having a human experience on planet Earth. Our Divine self is expressed through our bodies in the material plane as we co-create. In order to be fully present we need […]

Co-Create in the World

Co-create in the world knowing that you are a Divine being of love and light. Our birthright is to manifest our spirit through our words, actions and our work in the world – our service to humanity. In order to co-create in the world we need to surrender to God. When we let go and let God our ego […]

Let’s Meditate!

  Let’s meditate! Meditation is a powerful jewel for self discovery in our spiritual jewel box. It is the first step in our spiritual quest for God consciousness. Through simple meditation techniques we can learn to get centered and let go of our thoughts. In doing so we tap into our own energy and awareness of our Divine self. Meditation is […]

How to Heal a Broken Heart

How to heal a broken heart is a multifaceted process that takes patience. The first step is to accept that our heart is broken. Whether it is through the death of a loved one, a relationship ending or a betrayal in a close relationship the broken heart will heal when we focus on that intention. Once you […]