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Balance through Reiki Healing

Balance through Reiki Healing is achieved during a Reiki Healing session. Touch is healing in and of itself.  When you add powerful yet  gentle waves of Reiki Healing energy channeled through the palms of the Reiki Healer to the client’s body balance in body, mind, emotions and spirit is the result. Relaxation, dissolving energy blocks, relief from pain […]

Thanksgiving – Let’s Count our Blessings

It’s Thanksgiving – let’s count our blessings. For many of us Thanksgiving reminds us of family visits and turkey dinners with loved ones. It is a time to reconnect. Thanksgiving is a time to focus on gratitude. Let’s count our blessings such as the people and things that we appreciate in our life. This is a good time […]

Let’s Enjoy the Summer

Let’s enjoy the Summer! What are we waiting for? Life is here and now. This is not a dress rehearsal. So let’s get out and have some fun. Life is full of challenges and opportunities for growth. It can get very intense at times working through our issues as spirit beings having a human experience. In seeking […]

Filling the Inner Lamp Workshop

Filling the Inner Lamp Workshop Maureen Brennan Mercier Tuesday January 27, 2015 6 – 8 PM Mirabai of Woodstock Maureen will guide you into two meditations – a powerful longer one and a shorter one for when you are in a time crunch. In both meditations you will experience ‘filling your inner lamp.” You will […]

Collaboration in Spirit Center August Calendar of Events

Collaboration in Spirit Center August Calendar of Events    Maureen Brennan Mercier Please pre-register for all classes Contact Maureen for directions     Wed August 6 – Spiritual Salon with Maureen 7 – 8:30 PM $20 Meditation, spiritual guidance for the group, personal question answered   Thurs August 7 – Reiki II Class 10 AM – 1 […]

“Collaboration In Spirit”

   “Collaboration In Spirit” Meditation CD. For quite some time I felt strongly guided to create a meditation CD. What a huge project this would be, I thought, and where do I begin? Having no experience whatsoever with creating a CD I relied solely on my connection with Goddess and her benevolent guidance. Knowing the creative […]

Sacred Feminine Energy

The Sacred Feminine energy is associated with Universal Motherhood, Holy Mother, Mother Earth and the Divine Self within. It is also called the Divine Feminine Goddess. In order to be whole we need to balance the male and female within us and in the universe. We do that by honoring the Sacred Feminine energy or Feminine Goddess. As […]

Adding Humor to Our Life

Lumina Dei Newsletter    February 2012 Dear friend, Adding humor to our life is a wonderful way to bring in more balance. Seeing the amusement in even the most challenging aspects of life lifts our spirits. Having a change in perception is the result of adding humor to our life. Instead of seeing the glass […]

Self Care

  Lumina Dei Newsletter  January 2012 Dear Friend, Self care and self love go hand in hand. As we begin the New Year 2012 it is important to practice positive, healthy self care by balancing body, mind, emotion, spirit. Self care is essential. Your body, mind, emotions and spirit need to be treated with loving attention […]

Friends as Fellowship

Friends as Fellowship are one of the most powerful assets a human being could have. Life is challenging on this planet. With loving friends who have our back we know that we are not alone in the world. When we have friends as fellowship we have a built in support system to help us along […]