Divine Creation

Divine Creation is about owning our own Divine ability to create in the world. We are always creating through our thoughts. So let’s remember to manifest more consciously with intention by focusing our thoughts on what we want. We already know what we do not want, so do not focus on that. In Divine creation we focus […]

Let’s Enjoy the Summer

Let’s enjoy the Summer! What are we waiting for? Life is here and now. This is not a dress rehearsal. So let’s get out and have some fun. Life is full of challenges and opportunities for growth. It can get very intense at times working through our issues as spirit beings having a human experience. In seeking […]

At One with Mother Earth, Goddess Gaia

At one with Mother Earth, Goddess Gaia is the conscious connection we feel when we are present with Gaia, the Sacred Feminine Goddess of planet earth. Using all our senses, letting go of our thoughts and just being in the stillness of nature is all it takes. Walking in the woods, swimming in the ocean, hiking […]

Be In the Moment

Be in the moment means staying present in the here and now. The past is over, there is no future. The only moment that exists is the now moment. When you are going through a challenging time it is best to be in the moment. Our rational mind tries to come up with the solution. […]

Let’s Talk to God through Prayers

My Into the Mystic Classes includes Prayer. Talk to God through prayers as a daily practice is powerful. When we are challenged on our spiritual path it is especially healing. Meditation is listening to God whereas prayers are how we communicate with the Divine. When we talk to God through prayers we honor our spirit by consciously aligning […]